A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Éclaircies is an experiment on first person movement and control built during the ProcJam and 7dfps week of late October 2018.

It offers a different way to control a character by focusing mainly on movement to evoke the feeling of controlling a two-legged animal. As such, pushing the left and right keys at a certain pace allows you to change the speed at which the character moves. Depending on the time you actually push each key it is also possible to lean on the side and make turns.

Thus, you only need two keys on a keyboard to play and no mouse. You can use A and D but if you want to choose different keys you can do so by clicking on the Input tab showed when launching the game.

Each time the game launches it generates a new forest and a new terrain and this can take some time.

Recordings made by Marie Muller.


Eclaircies (Win x64).zip 33 MB
Eclaircies (MacOS).zip 35 MB
Eclaircies (Linux).zip 35 MB


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Woah cool! The light on the horizon really drew me in, I felt like I was embracing my doom gladly and with great anticipation. It's strange and interesting to be unable to move slowly, and to have to exert physical effort irl. A remarkably participatory experience.

Thank you a lot. I'm very glad you enjoyed my little creation :)