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Overflowed is a tactical two player game Guillaume Gay-Mazas and I created together. It was our first game together and probably our first non-school, non-work related project.

Two players face each other, armed with a continuous flow of minions they must bring down the opponent base. Overflowed features neat tactics and quick thinking in a fast paced gameplay.


RED: ZQSD | R (add) T (switch) Y (delete)

Blue: ARROWS | K (add) L (switch) M (delete)

To switch to QWERTY (WASD for player 1) go to the "How To Play" menu and press Space.


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wtf are those controls. I mean why not wasd, my hand is not meant to bend to fit zqsd.

This is a very old game and I am not absolutely sure but I think there is an option to switch between Azerty and Qwerty on the main screen? ZQSD is the WASD of Azerty (French) keyboards :)